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Anglican Worship

The Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist is the very heart of Anglican life and faith. In it, we receive the Body and Blood of Christ which unites us with other Anglican believers throughout the world. We are also united to the whole ‘communion of saints’—all living Christians as well as departed loved ones, martyrs, and holy fathers and mothers of past ages.  Together, we join with the hosts of angels and heavenly luminaries giving unceasing glory to God (see Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 7: 9 – 17).   Most importantly, though, the Holy Eucharist unites each of us to Jesus Christ, for He offers Himself to us in His very Body and Blood (see St. John 6: 53 – 57).  Therefore, Anglican churches celebrate The Holy Eucharist every Sunday as well as on feast days and special observances throughout the year.


The form of Anglican worship can be understood by the following:

  • Experience the presence of God—Heaven and earth meet in this time and place
  • God-centered—We worship the Holy Trinity in spirit and in truth
  • Liturgical—Scriptural, prayerful, hands-on, and experiential—everyone participates in prayers, psalms, and singing
  • Sacramental—We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each Sunday, on feast days, and special observances
    • We also receive the sacrament of Baptism with Chrismation and observe the rites of Reconciliation, Confirmation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage, and Holy Orders
  • Communal—We experience joy being together in a community of faith, love, and peace

The Holy Eucharist (Communion)

It is the custom at St. George that all baptized Christians, who with faith, reverence, and penitence, are welcome to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  We believe the Eucharist is the mystical presence of Christ (His Body and Blood) given for us in the bread and wine.  One receives the Bread and then, may either drinks directly from the Cup or dips the Bread in the Cup (intinction).  (During COVID, the Priest, masked and gloved, places the Bread in the hand of the communicant and then, the communicant takes a single cup of wine from the tray.)  If you are not prepared to receive the Holy Eucharist, you may come forward for a blessing signifying this by crossing your arms across your chest.


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St. George Anglican Church, 2320 Moores Mill Rd., Suite 100, Auburn, AL 36830

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